Dear colleagues, dear friends,

I am truly grateful to all of you who voted to select Oxford as the host for the 2017 ESES symposium.

I hope the meeting will trigger increased collaborations with colleagues in the endocrinology and radiology as the topics due to be discussed cover areas of common interest.  A preliminary program is outlined ahead of further discussions in the Executive Committee of ESES. The final decision will become available in late 2016.

At this point I would encourage everybody to consider submitting papers that fit with the topics due to be discussed.  Presenting your personal data would help understand better where are the current challenges in managing patients with asymptomatic/preclinical disease and subsequently this could influence the content of any statements and guidelines published by ESES after the meeting takes place.

Oxford is a charming academic town of international renown. If your family could accompany you there are numerous cultural and historical attractions to keep them busy while the meeting should keep you busy. London is less than one hour away by bus or train hence further attractions to all hoping to join us.

Because of constant ‘flooding’ with tourists, it is commonly very difficult to secure accommodation in town so I advice all of you to check this website regularly for further information on the accommodation available and to secure your booking as early as possible.

We hope that this website will facilitate the communication between the local organisers and all ESES members and their friends who will join us in April 2017.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Oxford

Friendly yours,

Radu Mihai